About Us

With over 30 years of real estate experience in both Wholesale and Retail real estate!

Flip Your House Real Estate is the most unique and innovative full service real estate company to ever hit the Dallas / Fort Worth area! And here’s why.

The Difference

At Flip Your House Real Estate we understand that traditional real estate companies are very limited in their scope of services. Lets look at the clear advantages found in both services and benefits with Flip Your House Real Estate over traditional real estate companies.

Traditional Real Estate Companies

  1. Sole purpose is to list your property for a commission.
  2. Experience is usually limited to retail only.
  3. Experience level you get is absolute luck of the draw.
  4. Usually don’t have cash buyers waiting.
  5. Listing agent usually doesn’t sell your property.
  6. You pay! expensive real estate commissions.
  7. You pay! expensive closing costs.
  8. No guarantee! they will sell your property.

Flip Your House Real Estate

  1. Our sole purpose is to beat all offers and get you more CASH for your home!
  2. Over 30 years of experience in both, Wholesale and Retail real estate!
  3. Our Certified Cash Buyers are waiting now!
  4. We sell your property fast! Usually in 24 to 48 hours!
  5. We guarantee you to sell your home! If not we will buy it!
  6. You don’t have to list your home!
  7. No commissions if you don’t list your home!
  8. No closing costs if you don’t list your home!
  9. Our Certified Cash Buyers buy properties in All Conditions! And in All Areas!
  10. Our Certified Cash Buyers pay us! Not you!

Call Now, Our Certified Cash Buyers Are Waiting!


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